Secure Financial Services, Inc.


Individual Planning

We offer a Personal Financial Analysis service to provide you with a realistic assessment of your current financial situation. We will help you determine your goals and priorities and closely examine eight areas of personal financial management. Our assistance in coordinating these areas will give you a well balanced program of financial conditioning.

  • Standard of Living: What steps can you take to maintain and improve your standard of living?
  • Savings: Do you have adequate funds for contingent financial needs and emergencies?
  • Protection: What arrangements have you made to protect your assets, including your most valuable asset – your earning power?
  • Accumulation: How much have you accumulated for significant financial needs, such as your children’s higher education?
  • Investment: Are your assets allocated according to your goals and objectives?
  • Retirement & Financial Security: Do you have a program to maintain your accustomed standard of living at retirement?
  • Estate Planning: What arrangements have you made for the orderly distribution of your assets at your death?
  • Business: If you’re a business owner, a Personal Financial Analysis can assist you with business continuation, personal and employee benefits.
  • Estate Planning: Liquidity for settling personal and business estate expenses. Maximize the estate you pass on by providing insurance to satisfy estate taxes and administrative expenses and provide income security for survivors.